Les pôles de la Fabrique

CONSEIL et accompagnement

Conseil, accompagnement et formation en direction des porteurs de projets, engagés dans la transition sociale, culturelle, économique et environnementale des territoires

Action territoriale

Lieu de travail partagé et espace de rencontre implanté sur le territoire pour impulser des projets, favoriser de nouvelles coopérations et jouer un rôle de catalyseur de créativité.

Observatoire et Recherche

Espace de veille, de recherche et de partage d'expériences, visant à développer la collaboration entre chercheurs, artistes et habitants et à accompagner l'innovation sociale.


We have helped launch brand new start-ups and rebranded existing multinational corporations. Our in-house designers and developers can help with all aspects of the branding process.


If you are planning on expanding our business abroad, our consultants can help you navigate the transition. We deliver everything from taxation to business licenses and other permits.

Strategic planning

Fernell specializes in helping businesses refocus their strategic resources on their original goals. Whether you’re a small business or the head of strategic planning, we can help.

Marketing positioning

Our professionals can help understand and unlock your brand’s real potential and develop your market position. We want to help to make your business unique.

Business development

As a business scales up, many processes and operations need restructuring. Our team has experience in guiding a medium-sized business through the many changes that occur with growth.

Operational management

We can help you understand and streamline your business operations: with better efficiency, you’ll see higher productivity all across the different sectors.

Nos activités


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